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Essay on Raksha Bandhan in English.

Essay on raksh bandhan in english
Essay on Raksha Bandhan in English.

The festival of Rakshabandhan is the sacred festival of brother-sister relationship. On this day all the sisters tie a rakhi to their brother's wrist. The siblings feed each other sweets and convince them to live with each other in happiness and sorrow. The sisters wish their brother a long life. Competition on Rakshabandhan is organized in schools, colleges as well so students need complete knowledge of Rakshabandhan. Today we have brought essay on Rakshabandhan for students. Students searching on Rakshabandhan essay will get every information related to Rakshabandhan essay on our page.

Rakshabandhan essay:

Raksha Bandhan is one of the main festivals of Hindus. Like all festivals, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with much gaiety and reverence. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated every year on the full moon day of Hindu and Shravan month. Raksha means protection and binding means binding. On the day of Rakshabandhan, the sisters pray for their brother's protection and progress.
Essay on Raksha Bandhan in English.
When is Rakshabandhan celebrated?

According to the Hindu calendar, the full moon day of Shravan month is celebrated which is also known as the month of Sawan in the common language. Rakshabandhan is celebrated in the last days of Sawan month because according to Hinduism, the month of Sawan is auspicious.

How is Rakshabandhan celebrated?

Rakshabandhan festival is one of the major festivals of Hindus. On this day, the sisters get ready in the morning and wear new clothes and decorate the plate. Which includes rakhi, sindoor, rice, and sweets. The sisters tie tilak on the foreheads of the brothers, tie a rakhi on the brother's wrist and feed them sweets. After tying a rakhi, the brother gives a gift to his sister and vows that I will stand with you in every trouble and will always stand with you.

Why is Raksha Bandhan celebrated?

Earlier this tree was tied with rakhi

According to the tradition that has been going on for centuries, in the earlier times, before tying a rakhi to the sister brother, she ties a rakhi to the basil and neem tree for the protection of nature.

Which god won on the day of Rakshabandhan
According to the prophecy, it is said that there was a war between the gods and the demons. The demon named Bali defeated Lord Indra and took possession of Amravati. Then Lord Indra's wife reached Lord Vishnu. Vishnu then made a thread to wear Shachi with cotton thread in his hand and said to tie it on Indra's wrist. Indra's wife did the same and wished for safety and success. After this, Lord Indra defeated Bali and took his authority over Amravati.

This special dish made on Raksha Bandhan

A delicious dish cannot be made on Raksha Bandhan. The happiness of any festival becomes double when sweetness is produced in it. Although many sweets are brought from the market on Raksha Bandhan but you can make some delicious and new dishes at home with these sweets.

Cashew Pistachio Choco Rolled Fruit Kachori Hariyali Paneer Kopatatokari Chaat

10 lines on Raksha Bandhan

Rakshabandhan is the most unique festival of siblings. Rakshabandhan is celebrated in the month of Sawan. On Rakshabandhan, the sister ties silk rakhi on her brother's wrist and wishes her brother's longevity. Raksha Bandhan is also called Rakhi festival. The festival of Rakhi is celebrated in Hinduism. On the day of Rakhi, many types of rituals are made in the houses. On Raksha Bandhan, people make their trees, machines, vehicles, etc. But they tie Rakhi so that their love remains intact. On the day of Raksha Bandhan in Delhi, there is no rent of buses, metros, etc. From Rakesham Rakhi to Rakhi of Gold, brothers give gifts to their sister.

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