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Essay on Baisakhi in English.

Essay on Baisakhi in English:

Essay on Baisakhi in English.

Baisakhi 2019:

             Baisakhi also known as Vaisakhi. The festival of Baisakhi is celebrated every year on 13 or 14 April. Baisakhi is celebrated not only in Punjab but also in other states of the country. Especially the people of Baisakhi Punjab and Haryana celebrate the festival of Baisakhi in the joy of harvesting the farmers. On the day of Baisakhi i.e. 13 April 1699, the tenth Guru Govind Singh Ji established the Khalsa Panth.


Gurdwaras across Baisakhi are decorated all over India, especially in different regions of Punjab, and a large number of people come to worship on this day. City kirtans are performed at the gurdwara and people dance, sing and fire crackers to enjoy during the processions. Many people gather at home with their relatives, friends and colleagues to celebrate this day, as well as schools and offices across the country are on holiday
Why do you celebrate Baisakhi in April?

Baisakhi is celebrated in the month of April because in the month of April, Rabi i.e. wheat is harvested, by which the farmers earn a good income and they earn money, hence the farmers of Punjab and Haryana celebrate Baisakhi with great enthusiasm and reverence. Every year many fairs are held in Punjab on the day of Baisakhi, but when there is a Kumbh Mela in Baisakhi, the importance of bathing on this day increases even more. A day before Baisakhi festival, a market is held where many shops of sweets, chat, toys, fruits etc. are set up.

Relation of Baisakhi and Khalsa Panth

On the day of Baisakhi, Khalsa Panth was founded by Sikh Guru Govind Singh Ji on 13 April 1699 and at the Gurudwara of Anandpur Saheb, five love was called upon to sacrifice on Vaishakhi festival itself.

Baisakhi is celebrated in these states

Although farmers of Punjab and Haryana celebrate the festival of Baisakhi to harvest wheat, but Baisakhi is celebrated in many states other than Punjab Haryana.Baisakhi is known by different names in different states and is celebrated with pomp. Which are as follows -
Rongli in Assam, Maha Vishwa Sankranti in West Bengal and Pohela Boshakh or Naba Barsha in Tripura, Bisukumaon among the Ugaditulu people in Telangana and Karnataka, Bishukumaon in Uttarakhand or Vishu in Puthandukkeral in Shathottamilanadu

For the information, let us tell that some of these celebrations are celebrated on Baisakhi i.e. 13 or 14 April, then it is celebrated after a day or two.

How to celebrate Baisakhi?

On the day of Baisakhi, all the people in Punjab have a lot of fun and the people of Punjab dance and sing on drums. They celebrate Baisakhi festival with great enthusiasm. Gurudwaras are decorated and bhajans and kirtans are performed. Dishes are made in the homes of all people and many types of dishes are made in homes.

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