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Essay on Eid-Ul-Adha in English.

Essay on Eid-ul-Adha in English:

Essay on Eid-ul-Adha.

               Do you want to know about the significance, history of Eid-ul-Azha (Bakrid) festival?
Why is this day so important in the religion of Islam?

Essay on Eid-ul-Adha :

       It is a major festival of the religion of Islam which is celebrated by people all over the world. This festival is especially a festival of greeting, meeting people and praying. Come, friends, we give you detailed information on this subject -

Eid ul ajaha meaning of eid ul-adha:

           It is an Arabic word and refers to "Qurbani". That means "Eid of sacrifice". This festival is celebrated about 70 days after the end of the holy month of Ramadan. In Arab countries it is known as Eid ul Juha and in Indian sub mahadeep it is known as Bakrid.

People believe that goat is sacrificed on this day, that is why it is called Bakrid. The sacrifice of a goat or any animal is considered a symbol of sacrifice in Islam. Behind this is the story of the sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim and his son Ismail. Which we know in detail.


         There is a story related to this festival. Once upon a time, Hazrat Ibrahim Alaiy Salam had a dream in which he was ordered by Allah to sacrifice his beloved son Hazrat Ismail (who later became a Prophet) to Allah. This became the test of Allah for Ibrahim and he could not avoid the words of Allah. On one side the sacrifice of the beloved son and on the other hand the command of Allah.

The command of Allah was paramount for Ibrahim, so in the end he agreed to sacrifice the son. But Allah understood Ibrahim's heart and as soon as Ibrahim raised the knife to kill his son, only the head of Allah's angel Jibril Amin took Ibrahim's son Ismail out from under that knife and placed a lamb under it. . Thus the lamb was sacrificed and his son survived. Then Jibril Amin narrated the good news to Ibrahim that Allah has accepted your sacrifice.

importance of

Since then, every year, some animal is sacrificed on this day. In Islam, it is important to sacrifice one's life to serve the people. To sacrifice in Islam means to sacrifice for a good deed.

But the sacrifice of animals is just a symbol. In fact, according to the Arabic language in the word Bakrid, 'Bakr' means big animal. People made this word goat eid and started sacrificing goats.

Eid prayers

People pray in the mosque. Prayers can be performed after the sun rises. At the conclusion of prayers and sermons, Muslims embrace each other and greet each other (Eid Mubarak), giving gifts.

Many Muslims invite their non-Muslim friends, neighbors, co-workers and classmates on their Eid festivals on this occasion to get better acquainted with Islam and Muslim culture. There is an atmosphere of joy and gaiety everywhere.

Traditions and practices

Men, women and children are expected to dress in their finest clothes to offer Eid prayers at a large gathering in an open waqf ("rok") ground called the Idgah or Masjid.

Affluent Muslims may consider their best halal domestic animals (cows, but depending on the region to be camels, goats, sheep) as a symbol of Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his only son. In Pakistan, about ten million animals are slaughtered on Eid day, costing more than $ 2.0 billion.

The meat of the sacrificed animal is divided into three parts. One third lives in the family; Another third is given to relatives, friends, and neighbors; And the remaining third part is given to the poor and the needy.

Women make special dishes etc., including different types of cookies. All distribute to each other, give gifts and children are also given Idi. Everyone celebrates this festival with great joy and gaiety.

This festival is celebrated in Jal Hijj, the last month of Hijri. In this month Muslims from all over the world go to Hajj. During this, it is considered very auspicious to go on Hajj. In fact, this is a day to make Muslims feel proud.

He had decided to bring his son and wife Hajra to Mecca after the events of Hazrat Ibrahim's dream and sacrifice. But Mecca was just a desert at that time. Hazrat Ibrahim settled his son and wife there and left for the service. Settling his family in the desert at that time was akin to sacrifice for Ibrahim.

When Ibrahim's son Ismail grew up, a convoy was passing by. There was a young woman in it. Ismail was married to the young woman. Then a dynasty was formed called Ishmaelites, or Vanu Ismaili. Hazrat Mohammad Saheb was born in this dynasty. Eid ul Juha specifically has two messages - the family member should be selfless and be engaged in service to others.

Places such as Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, Turkey and United Arab Emirates are declared a public holiday for Eid ul Juha while countries such as Australia, Canada, United Kingdom or United States do not have a public holiday.

In fact, this festival is a symbol of sacrifice that contains the feelings of Muslims. Among the main festivals of Muslims, this festival inspires people to serve. As Ibrahim did.

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