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19's Diwali festival vs now diwali festival .

19's Diwali festival vs now diwali festival .:

19's Diwali festival vs now diwali festival .

           Then – We used to visit our relatives with our parents taking gift wrapped presents for them and collecting chocolates and sweets from them.

Now – We visit our friends’ card parties’ celebrations and dieticians come up with festive special keto diet plans so you don’t put up the extra kilos while you indulge in the celebratory sweet preparations.

Then – In schools we used to write essays on Diwali – the festival of lights with often a binding sentence – indulging in drinking and betting is not good on this auspicious occasion and should be avoided.

Now- Getting together for drinks and playing cards is the new way to socialize. Truly, the new norm. It’s enjoyable and with the increased purchasing power to us, taking a hit of few grands on your pocket doesn’t hurt if you’re getting a good time in return.

19's Diwali festival vs now diwali festival .

Then- Bursting crackers was the essence of Diwali celebrations.Now – Environmental green Diwali is trending everywhere (although crackers have still not been fully eliminated despite being banned). Its #GreenandnoisefreeDiwali.

Then – Mom used to wake us up early on the weekends and we did the cleaning of the entire house. Getting the entire house white-washed just few weeks before Diwali was often a nightmare but an essential pre-requisite for Diwali.

Now – We book the deep cleaning services and from Urban Clap to make the house festive-ready.

The purpose remains the same to cleanse the atmosphere and lift the spirits for us to welcome the goddess Lakshmi.

We have evolved alot over the last two decades and so has the style of celebrating our festivals. However, the spirit of this festival remains the same. The pooja tradition stays intact bringing together the family members back from their busy work schedules…the flower and rangoli decor at homes on this occasion stays the same (now just more trendier with designs), we still dress up in Indian ethnic wear, buy gold on Dhan teras and exchange gifts.

No matter how we evolve further with the upcoming generations, nurturing the roots will keep the festive spirit always shining bright like the Diwali diya (along with the flickering lights) Happy festivities!

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