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1000 words essay on Diwali.

1000 words essay on diwali :

1000 words essay on diwali ..


On hearing the name of Diwali, we get the image of sweets, Lakshmi Puja, new things and fireworks, this is the thing which is most important about Diwali. Diwali is one of the most prominent festivals of Hindu religion, if seen, this festival serves to enhance social unity.

However, there is another aspect of the Diwali festival, which we are promoting year after year for our enjoyment. That is another aspect. Fireworks and bursting of firecrackers is an act which has nothing to do with the Diwali festival directly, nor does it have any historical and mythological description in the festival of Diwali, along with this fireworks that happens on Diwali Due to this, day-to-day environmental pollution is increasing.

Diwali festival of happiness and happiness prosperity

The festival of Diwali has a different significance of its own, that is why it is much more dear to us than other festivals. According to Hindu calendar, the festival of Diwali falls in the month of Kartik, which is the month of October or November according to the Gregorian calendar. In Hinduism, the festival of Diwali is considered a festival of happiness, prosperity and happiness.

This is the reason that many weeks before Diwali, people start to clean their houses and offices because it is believed that the houses that are cleaned are the ones on which Lakshmi sits on the day of Diwali and blesses her By providing, there is an increase in happiness and prosperity.

Let's celebrate Diwali this time in a slightly different way

Although the way of celebrating the festival of Diwali and worship is the same everywhere, yet there are other functions by which we can make this special festival of Diwali not only for ourselves but also for others. Can make it special and make the true meaning of Diwali truly meaningful.

1000 essay on Diwali

1. By buying from retail and small sellers alike

Nowadays there is a trend among people to buy items from branded and reputed places, there is nothing wrong in following it in some things, but adopting it in everything will be like ruining the livelihood of some poor and hardworking people because our Likewise, they also wait for this festival throughout the year. So now next time you go shopping for Diwali, keep this in mind.

2.Using more lamps instead of electric frills

In today's time, we need to use lamps more and more in electronic place on Diwali. It is not that we should stop the use of electronic items completely, but we should use them in the right quantity by aligning them with traditional items. It not only works to boost the economy of the country by making the small traders and potters of our country economically strong, but also maintains the traditional form of Diwali.

3. By distributing gifts and essential items to the poor

Many of us spend huge amounts of money in decorating, fireworks and celebrating the festival of Diwali. If we wish, we can bring joy to their faces by cutting some of these things or by spending more than we have, and distributing blankets, sweets and gifts to some poor and needy people and also make this festival for ourselves as well. You can get the real pleasure of the Diwali festival, making it even more special.

4. celebrating green Diwali

We all know that on Diwali, a lot of pollution arises due to firecrackers and heavy fireworks. Many times people start bursting firecrackers several weeks before Diwali, due to which the amount of pollution in the environment starts increasing and reaches its peak on Diwali. The biggest impact is seen in metros like Delhi, Mumbai, where the pollution level increases so much after the festival of Diwali that schools and offices have to be closed for a few days.

We have to understand that the meaning of the festival of Diwali is lamp and light rather than bursting of firecrackers.

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